An Alchemical NFT Collection!

In celebration of Bicycle Day, our curated collection of psychedelic inspired art captures the spirit of Hofmann's journey, igniting your imagination and curiosity. Let the vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and shifting forms transport you to new realms of creativity and self-expression. Join the Bicycle day NFT community today!

Bicycle Day NFT

Dear Community, Today marks a special day in history - the day when a wonderful accident happened that changed the world forever. On this day, April 19th, in 1943, Albert Hofmann accidentally discovered LSD while working in his laboratory. This serendipitous event sparked a journey of self-exploration, art, and science, and continues to inspire wonder and curiosity to this day.

To celebrate Bicycle Day, we have curated a collection of psychedelic art that captures the spirit of Hofmann's adventure. We invite you to embark on your own journey of discovery.

The only roadmap you need to worry about is your life roadmap.

Embrace the unknown, explore new possibilities, and unlock the mysteries of your own mind. Just like Hofmann's accidental discovery, sometimes the most unexpected experiences can lead to the most extraordinary adventures.


What is the utility?

Community,Art and Philanthropy, 25% of all proceeds donated to the Beckley foundation for psychedelic research

What is the total supply ?

419 Unique one of a kind laboratory assistant profile pictures

What blockchain/platform are these NFTs minted on?


What is the price/royalty structure for these NFTs?

0.00209 ETH for each Lab Assistant, Max 4 Assistants per wallet and 4.19% royalties

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